A Real-Life Story…

Her name is "Han" and she is from Vietnam living in southern California. She is an expert in Voodoo witchcraft having solid access to the spirit world. She can instantly call and communicate with the evil spirits she controls and can access any information about you. Once she knows your weaknesses, she creates a trap for you by offering you holy food which is nothing but negatively charged food using the Ash of the Dead from the graveyard and the blood of sacrificed animals. Once you eat her holy food, you have taken the first step towards becoming a victim of her deadly evil motives.

In 2002 my family and I became victims of witchcraft while living in one of the apartment complexes on Marguerite Parkway in Mission Viejo, CA where Han was working as a leasing agent. At the time of picking up the keys to our new apartment, my wife who is in service-based business offered a complimentary service to the leasing agent who helped us get the apartment, and Han who was standing there came to my wife and said that she wanted a complimentary service as well. My wife obliged and gave her a business card and offering her a complimentary session.

Within two weeks Han made an appointment with my wife and showed up at my wife’s office in Irvine, CA. After her treatment, Han told my wife that she was going through some serious financial issues and relationship issues. It convinced my wife as we were going through many problems including money issues, relationship issues, and bad luck. My wife got impressed, this is when Han offered her a persimmon fruit that was dried up and sprinkled with sugar powder telling her that it was holy food made by her mother which will help us resolve some of our issues. My wife brought the fruit home and after much confusion, we all finally ate it.

Han had said that she will help us resolve our issues in a healing session. We immediately agreed to take her help when she offered us help, to overcome the negative issues, and to cleanse us of negative energies.

The following day we called her and made an appointment to visit her apartment which was a few steps away from our apartment for the cleansing.

It was sunset time and we went to her apartment where she had lined up crystals in the form of a rectangle big enough for a human to lie down in the enclosure. One by one we were made to lie down in that enclosure while she moved the gong on a crystal bowl with one hand and scanning the body from head to toe with the other hand. She spent almost half an hour on my wife and on our daughter and spent almost an hour on me. After this ritual, we left her apartment. Within a few minutes, the left side of my body became extremely sore. I called Han and explained it to her and she said that it will be ok in a few days as the pain and tightness were part of the healing process. Since age 16, I always meditated before going to sleep but that night I felt as if I had no interest left in meditation or God-consciousness.

A couple of weeks passed by and we made a work-related trip to Las Vegas for about 4 days. When we returned, we felt extreme negative energy in the apartment, my wife said someone had visited the apartment as few pictures and clothes were missing from the apartment, the energies of the apartment were corrupted and every food item had become bitter, even the onions and potatoes had become rotten in just four days.

Come June 9th, 2002, it was a dark moon night, we went to bed at around 9:30 PM, my wife slept in the bedroom with our daughter and I slept in the living room since it was a one-bedroom apartment. Around 10:30 PM my wife came to me and said that she could not go to sleep, as the moment she tries to go to sleep she wakes up in fear and she is getting stinging pains in the head and on the other parts of the body. I told her that I was experiencing the same issue. The attacks continued until 5:00 AM and that’s when we went to sleep.

Every night the attacks would start at 10 PM and would continue until 5 AM. We felt as if needles were poked in our heads. In the following days, I researched and came to the realization that we had become victims of Voodoo witchcraft by this woman Han. We immediately went to the Orange County sheriff’s department and made a written complaint against Han. Food samples were taken from our apartment and a detective was assigned to our case. After the initial email from the detective, We never heard back from him ever.

9 days after we started getting the attacks, our 8-year-old daughter started getting attacked as well. Since Han was living in the same apartment complex the attacks were powerful and we had no choice but to leave the area. We left southern California in a hurry and moved to the San Francisco Bay area.

My ex-employers wife was an FBI agent and I had met her a few times when she would come to the office to meet her husband. I made an appointment with her, met her but she showed me the door within a few minutes, saying that it was all in my mind and I should look for a Psychiatrist.

I was well known to Dr. E E Lindwall. Dr. Lindwall was a powerful healer in those times and he had amazing access to the beyond. Unfortunately, even he could not help me. His own words after few treatments: “I remove the curse and the link she has created connecting you with the Voodoo doll but she keeps connecting it back”.

I tried a psychic chord cutter from Arizona; The attacks stopped for a few days but then the psychic chord cutter backed off and even disconnected her phone number. I even tried the help of a Pranic healer who was the top disciple of Master Choa Kok Sui from the Philippines, again the attacks stopped for 2-3 days and returned and the healer gave up. My search for healers in the USA brought no positive results.

By November of 2002, the attacks had become horrendous as my palms would start burning at every sunset and would turn bluish-purple as if they were kept on fire. The moment I would go into the first stage of sleep, she would hit my tongue which would bleed and would take 2-3 days to heal. Spider-like veins would appear on my wife’s body and she would feel as if someone was twisting her nerves. Life became a living hell as the voodoo attacks became more frequent and more powerful and my wife started getting physically and sexually assaulted by the spirits during the night as she would find scratch marks on her body in the morning.

My cousin in NYC had been helping me financially all these years but he always avoided the conversation about why I was going through severe bad luck. Even though one of his friends who had psychic abilities had told him a long time back that I was being victimized with black magic, but he never cared to let me know about his friend's findings (this was prior to getting trapped by Han). One day, while discussing my life and the new Voodoo attacks we were going through made him melt and he disclosed what his friend had said about me almost a year ago. I guess it must be my lucky day, my cousin got me in touch with his friend who gave me the number of a healer in Mumbai, India who had helped him in the past.

I called the healer and he took my name and my mother’s name and asked me to call him back after 12 hours. I called him back and he said that black magic was started on you by your brothers some 8 years ago. I told him that I had no brothers and he shouted back at me that three of my brothers-in-law’s had conspired against their own sister (my wife is the youngest of 5 brothers). He further clarified that it was done to kill me and grab my property in Delhi, India. He even took the name of the favorite cousin of my wife and asked how this person was related to my wife. There was nothing to doubt since all I had given him was my name and my mother’s name.

We started taking his treatment, he sent us talismans to wear which weakened the Voodoo attacks. our life started changing as we experienced less negativity and more positivity. After about 2 months of treatment, he suggested that we must visit him as our problems were serious and could not be taken care of remotely. In February of 2003, we borrowed money from a friend and flew straight to him in Mumbai, India. He lived in a remote area of Mumbai in a studio apartment with his wife and had a small room made into a temple on the rooftop above his tiny studio. We stayed with him sleeping in the temple at night.

After two days, he performed an exorcism on my wife and the spirit that was attached to her body was removed. We could all see amazing clarity in her eyes. The information he gave us about our past cleared all our doubts and the curtain was lifted and we came to know the drama that was being conspired against us all these years. After 4 weeks, we returned to the USA and one of my friends got me a job in the department of the white page at SBC in Walnut Creek CA.

By 2004 the Voodoo attacks turned more powerful and violent affecting me, my wife, and our daughter who was 9 at the time. At this point, we decided to wrap up things and move to India to seek further help there. In August of 2004, we packed for good and left for India.

Around November of  2004, I called the US Embassy in Delhi and demanded that I talk to the FBI agents, I was given an appointment when I told them that the lives of the US citizens were at risk. Upon arrival at the embassy, I was guided to a vaulted room where I met the FBI agents, both agents were extremely nice and they heard my horrendous story with patience, checked the validity of my information on their database but declined to help me in the end, they told me clearly that if they take this to their bosses they might lose their jobs. They also suggested that if I wanted to make the world aware of what we had gone through, I should use my own efforts which I took for good and posted articles on Black Magic & Voodoo on my website: VEDIC WISDOM

We stayed in India for four years and went through many healers who were experts in their fields and worked on us, all our resources including my wife’s wedding jewelry was consumed paying these healers. Since my wife and daughter were healed by almost 90 percent as they were not getting any Voodoo attacks, we returned to the USA in 2008. My search continued on the internet looking for the right healer to help me as I was the only one left in the family who was being severely hit with stinging voodoo attacks.

It has been a horrendous long struggle fighting the black magic being done from India and the Voodoo attacks I am getting from this Witch: Han. Since 2002, I have lost thousands of dollars to few fake healers from India, Africa, France & the USA. I did come across a genuine healer from Haiti who wanted to charge me $6000 in total and agreed on working at 50% advance but I did not take his help. The risk was too much and my wellbeing was at stake including expenses involving a trip to Haiti as he clearly told me that he will try but he cannot promise results.

So far, I have not come across any healer who could block these Voodoo attacks by 100%. Parts of my body have been damaged. The doctors are unable to find the reasons or cure for my problems. Since 2010 I have a full-time healer working on me and my family. Things are a lot better as we are no longer in immediate danger of being wiped out even though many times I have come very close to dying from these attacks but my strong conviction and faith in the universe and the healer’s work has saved me.

Thanks for reading my story. What I and my family have gone through, boggles my mind, and many times I have questioned the validity of God, Angelic realm, prayers, divine beings, etc.

Learn from this story, do not eat food offered to you by others, do not give open access to your body as times have changed. If you are deeply spiritual, protect your spirituality, there are many so-called spiritual masters who are nothing but black magicians looking to rob your spirituality and victimize you. Many Tantriks, Psychics, Rootworkers, Shamans, Massage therapists, and so on who have access to the spirit world but have sold their souls to Satan are out there to suck your energies and use them to feed and play with the evil energies of the universe.

If you believe that you are being victimized by black magic, do not sit on your issues thinking that God will turn things around. Seek help from a genuine source. or  Contact me:

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